Hunting accessories from the 3D printer are on the rise

Jagdzubehör aus dem 3D-Drucker auf dem Vormarsch

New technology for hunting - new hunting accessories at the start

The market for hunting accessories has developed well in recent years:

  • Camouflage patterns are no longer a no-go
  • Ergonomic (plastic) shafts no longer cause crooked looks
  • Silencers are easy on the ears of hunters and dogs and finally is
  • digital technology in the form of thermal imaging cameras as spotters or attachments in hunting practice

Rifle accessories such as silencers and thermal imaging attachments, which have only recently become legal, present hunters with new "challenges" in terms of storage, transport and even hunting.

What to do with the silencer?

For example, silencers must be kept in the gun cabinet and need sensible space there. MASIMO was quick to get started with the 3D printer, has now developed a number of magnetic, stylish and timeless holders for silencers for the right corner in the gun cabinet and has even made it into the specialist retail range. JS-3D Design also has a number of holders for various weapons, weapon accessories and small parts in its portfolio via ebay - tested and recommended by

Hunting accessories from the 3D printer: Masimo silencer holder and Jagawams Glock magazine holder on the inside of the gun cabinet side
Silencer holder from MASIMO, Glock magazine holder from Jagawams (i.e. mine)

Hunting digital - battery collection and cable clutter

The digital thermal imaging cameras need electricity in the form of rechargeable batteries or power banks. If you want to use thermal imaging technology reliably, you must at least carry spare batteries with you, or more universally, a power bank with suitable cables. This is certainly not a big problem for the hide hunter with a backpack. The stalker needs to think about how he can quickly and easily have his additional accessories at hand. Simple and practical battery holders or protective caps for transport can be realized easily and inexpensively with the 3D printer.

Hunting equipment for night use

New technology has also changed the way people hunt. Orientation when stalking wild boar at night, marking wounds or stalking signs in the dark, blindly operating a rifle scope or thermal imaging device - all of these are things that every hunter has to develop for himself - if necessary, supported with 3D printed hunting accessories such as LED guide lights or quick adjustment levers.

Hunting accessories from the 3D printer: prototype of the extended quick-release lever for the CL42 focus
Prototype of the CL42 quick focus adjustment lever

Anyone can do 3D printed hunting accessories

3D printers are now affordable for everyone and the materials available for printing make it easy to print useful hunting accessories - whether developed by yourself or from a free template available online.

Individual problem solutions

As a reloader, searching for the used cases after the shot always slowed me down when reloading. Not good if it might have needed a second shot. So my first 3D construction and printing project was a compact, hunting-practical sleeve catch bag for my Steyr Scout - it is still reliable in use today and: I no longer have jamming :-)

Development stage of a hunting sleeve catch bag for the Steyr Scout
Prototype of the sleeve catch bag for the Steyr Scout

Links to suppliers of 3D printed hunting accessories

Arne & Tjark:

Links to 3D printing template platforms to browse


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