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Which scopes do the Jagawams quick release levers fit?

All of the quick adjustment levers I make are custom-made for the respective rifle scope series due to their design and only fit the rifle scopes specified . Anything else would be a lucky coincidence.

Most manufacturers come up with a new design for each new series, also in terms of the shape and dimensions of the adjusting ring (diameter, but also height, width, shape of the nose; number, depth, width and alignment, the "grips" on the adjusting ring, material etc, etc.) .

The respective levers therefore only fit on a specific model in terms of shape and dimensions.

The diameter is only one aspect here.

Attaching a Jagawams quick release lever

Attaching the Jagawams quick release lever is tool-free.
First the union nut is unscrewed.
The lever can then be carefully bent open so that it can be placed over the adjustment ring. Care must be taken to ensure that the alignment and position of the quick adjust lever is correct and that the quick adjust lever is not jammed. The union nut is then screwed on again.

Important: it must be possible to screw the union nut without much effort! Otherwise the position/alignment must be checked again.

Video: Attaching a Jagawams quick release lever to the Zeiss Victory V8

Schnellverstellhebel für den Fokus der Leica Calonox Wärmebildvorsatzgeräte - Nachtschwarz.

Lever Position: Rear

In particular, quick adjustment levers for thermal imaging attachments must be attached to the rear of the focus adjustment ring. Small counter surfaces prevent the quick adjustment lever from slipping or being displaced forward. Therefore, the quick adjustment lever only fits in the rearmost position!
This has a practical reason for hunting and/or is due to the design of the device.
In hunting practice, the focus of an attachment should be able to be adjusted as easily and with as little movement as possible. So that the arm doesn't have to be too long, the quick release lever will be as close to the shooter as possible.

Schnellverstellhebel für den Zoom der Leica Magnus Zielfernrohrserie. Inline Ausführung in Signalorange.

Install the lever in the correct direction

The telescopic sight series z. B. Leica Magnus and Steiner Ranger 6 have conical adjustment rings for the magnification. Ie they have a larger diameter at the back than at the front. The quick adjustment levers map the respective cone accordingly. However, this also means that the lever must be fitted the right way round, otherwise it will not attach.

Aluminum adjustment rings and grip

On telescopic sights with an aluminum adjustment ring for the magnification, the quick adjustment ring cannot always be mounted so that it is 100% non-displaceable. The hard plastic surface meets a smooth, anodized aluminum surface.

A thin tube of rubber cut off a finger of a latex glove can help here. This is pushed over the adjustment ring and can thus provide more grip between the aluminum body and the quick adjustment lever.

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