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For Leica Fortis 6 : Quick adjustment lever for magnification adjustment

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Quick adjustment lever for the magnification adjustment ring of the Leica Fortis 6 series. Riflescope Accessories . Different colors.

Delivery without scope.

Adjustment rings on the scope made of aluminium

On telescopic sights with an aluminum adjustment ring for the magnification, the quick adjustment lever cannot always be mounted so that it is 100% non-displaceable. The hard plastic surface meets a smooth, anodized aluminum surface.

A thin tube of rubber cut off a finger of a latex glove can help here. This is pushed over the adjustment ring and can thus provide more grip between the aluminum body and the quick adjustment lever.

Schematische Darstellung der zwei Ausführungen von Schnellverstellhebeln für Zielfernrohre inline und versetzt. Bei einigen Zieloptik-Büchse-Kombinationen kann ein inline Schnellverstellhebel ggf. beim Repetieren dem Kammerstengel im Weg sein. Abhilfe schafft hier eine versetzte Ausführung.

Which version?

The quick adjust levers may come in two styles: "inline" and "offset".
With bolt action rifles, it can happen that a lever of the inline version of telescopic sights with a large mechanical adjustment range gets in the way of the bolt handle when the bolt action is repeated. In this case, the staggered design can help.

Schematische Darstellung der ergonomischen Eigenschaften der verschiedenen Ausführungen von Schnellverstellhebeln für Zielfernrohre. Bei versetzten Ausführungen kann die Vergrößerungsverstellung mit weniger Übergreifen und somit bewegungsärmer bedient werden.


The offset design of a quick-adjust lever is also more ergonomic because one-handed reaching over the glass is reduced. A right-handed person can use the left hand to operate the lever over the entire adjustment range of the enlargement ring in a more relaxed manner and with less movement.

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