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For night hunting: LED flashing lights "Hansel & Gretel" for marking - set of 2

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So that you don't lose your bearings in the thicket when finding and recovering game, there are "Hänsel & Gretel" LED markers - with crocodile clips they stick everywhere. One LED along the way, one LED in a row and there is no more stumbling through the woods in search of the path or the prey. Ideal for stalking and for those who hunt in and after dusk.

Article in Jäger Magazin about Hansel & Gretel


Three light modes at the push of a button:
- permanent light
- fast flashing
- slow flashing

Includes replaceable CR2032 battery

scope of delivery

Two LED flashing lights are supplied on a fluorescent carrier plate with an alligator clip for universal attachment.
Splashproof with replaceable CR2032 battery.

Die Anwendung der LED Orientierungslichter Hänsel und Gretel in einem Schaubild beschrieben. Nachdem Schuss wird die Schussposition mit einem Blinklicht markiert und hilft so bei der Orientierung bei der Suche nach der Beute. Diese wird dann auch markiert und die Bergung kann direkt beginnen.

at night in the forest

This is George. Jörg has made booty. It is dark. But Jörg has Hansel & Gretel in his pocket. Jörg no longer gets lost in the forest when searching or recovering. Jörg marks his starting point and does not lose orientation when looking for his prey by looking back. When Jörg has found his prey, he also marks it. Now Jörg can get his recovery and break-up equipment. And: of course Jörg doesn't leave the rifle somewhere on the tripod in reality ;-)

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