Magnetic holder for Infiray FH25R/FL25R and identical thermal imaging camera - magnetic holder for attachment to clothing.

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The magnetic holder consists of three parts and serves as a holder/shelf for briefly holding the thermal imaging camera. This can be the case, for example, if the thermal imaging device has to be put down for a short time, e.g. when handling or when shooting. This prevents the thermal imaging device from dangling uncontrollably on the collar, causing noise or being damaged.

The magnetic holder for the Infiray FH25 consists of three parts. The base plate is placed inside the shirt or jacket. Then the holding plate is placed on the outside of the base plate. There should be as little fabric as possible between the base plate and the holding plate. Now the FH25R thermal imaging device with the screwed "puck" can be inserted into the mounting plate.

The holder is only a "holding aid", it must never be used without the neck strap of the device!

Use of the magnet holder is at your own risk. I assume no liability for damage caused by using the magnetic holder.

Warnings about magnets and their effects

Magnetic field
Neodymium magnets create a far-reaching, strong magnetic field. Among other things, they can damage televisions and laptops, computer hard drives, credit cards and debit cards, data carriers, mechanical clocks, hearing aids and loudspeakers.

Keep the magnets away from all devices and objects that can be damaged by strong magnetic fields.

Magnets can affect the functioning of cardiac pacemakers and implanted defibrillators.
A pacemaker can go into test mode and cause discomfort. A defibrillator may stop working.
Pacemaker wearers should not use the magnet holder.

effect on people
According to the current state of knowledge, magnetic fields from permanent magnets have no measurable positive or negative effects on humans.