For Swarovski Z6i: Quick adjustment lever for magnification adjustment

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Quick adjuster for the magnification adjustment ring of the Swarovski Z6i series. Riflescope Accessories . Different colors.

The lever is precisely adapted to the rotating ring. If it is not properly seated, it will not screw.
The lever must be centered on the rotating ring, it must not be tilted (see photos).
The slats of the rotary ring fit best into the lever if you place the lever on one side and apply a little pressure from there all around.

Due to the design, the offset variant of the Swarovski quick adjustment lever cannot be positioned anywhere on the adjustment ring. The current offset versions are suitable for operation with the left hand (right-handed shooters). Left-hand shooter versions are no problem on request.

Delivery without scope.

Color: night black
execution: inline
handedness: legal shooter